Hello, I'm web developer live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I mostly code in PHP (Laravel) and currently learning Go. I focus working on backend, but still can handle frontend. You can call me a half-fullstack developer.

I currently work for Nuwira, a web development company in Indonesia that provide solutions for corporate clients.

I write technical things in English on Medium. I also write about gadgets, travels, reviews, foods, and my personal opinions in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) on matriphe! personal blog.

[email protected] matriphe


Working Experiences

Web Developer 5 years 7 months Yogyakarta & Jakarta, Indonesia
  • I designed and developed warranty management system that helped our client to track warranty claims and handlings. The application is web-based that utilize Android that used by field technician.
  • I designed and developed job order management systems that helped our clients to move from paper-based operation to paperless operation. The applications are web-based that utilize Android application to send and receive data.
  • I migrated a part of client's old CRM (Customer Relation Management) monolithic application to microservice, separated and converted it using REST-API instead of direct connection using database. This part was handling booking and scheduling system that used by mobile application and other internal system.
  • I designed and developed SMS gateway to be used as our in-house SMS services to support our client's applications. The SMS gateway was using REST-API to make integration process easy.
  • I developed a monitoring and notification system that utilize Telegram bot API to help us monitor our services and applications then notify us via Telegram if there's any problem.

Skills & Knowledges

Programming Languages

Frameworks and CMS

Server Stacks

Operating Systems


Cloud Services